Through a pure love of hip hop culture, sheer determination, and raw talent,THAITANIUM
and it’s Parents label, THAITANIUM Entertainment Ltd., have undeniablyushered in the dawn of a new era in Thai hip hop igniting a musical revolutionaffecting every genre in the
music industry. In a land once dominatedby glossy pop idols, these proud sons of Siam have seamlessly woven together the beautifully complex cadences of their native Thai language
with the gritty street vocabulary of American hip-hop the resulting tapestry remaining
uniquely loyal to both noble traditions and in a class all its’ own.

THAITANIUM’S Trademark sound can be attributed to strong cultural and linguistic ties,common experience, and a singular chemistry between the core members of the group’s three inextricably intertwined fates, which made them a family first and a rap group second. KHAN and DAY are Thai nationals by birth, natives of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, respectively,whereas the third and youngest member of the trio, WAY, was born and raised in the New York metropolitan area. This combination of varied regional influences can be heard in each album that is produced and released, as well as in each individual song. KHAN and DAY first forged their friendship as a DJ/MC duo hosting jump off house parties in the underground San Francisco hip-hop scene, where the pair had both emigrated as young teens to pursue their education and also to realize their dream to become career musician. While in New York working on his solo album, Khan made the acquaintance of a young up start Thai-American artist who was also trying to make a name for himself in the rough and tumble music industry – that young man went by the name of WAY. From this meeting, the idea of a three-man, Thai hip hop group was born in the City of New York in the year 2000.

THAITANIUM quickly went to work and produced their first two albums , AA and Thai Riders, which were exclusively selfpromoted. Their follow up albums, P77 and RAS garnered industry attention and thus were subsequently distributed by Sony BMG Music Entertainment. The success of RAS., an abbreviation of the phrase “Resisting Against Da System” attracted the interest of Grammy, the major player in domestic Thai entertainment. The resulting partnership spawned the independent
imprint THAITANIUM ENTERTAINMENT INC., whose premier artist, THAITANIUM, has succeeded in gaining the publishing rights to its own songs, a first for any group in the history of the Thai music industry. Their album, “Thailand’s Most Wanted”, became the first Thai hip hop album to be released by an independent label with major label distribution.

In addition to putting out rap albums, the individual members of THAITANIUM are simultaneously working on a variety ofindependent project, ranging from clothing lines, acting, modeling , as well as publishing and film. Way of THAITANIUM recently completed shooting on the U.S. motion picture production of Prince & Me 4, and he is being courted by U.S. filmmakers for future roles in U.S. motion picture projects. Moreover, with fledgling artists on the roster, THAITANIUMENT.INC. is strategically poised to dominate the Thai hip hop scene for the foreseeable future.

Known widely as being forerunners of Thailand’s hip hop scene, THAITANIUM have ventured further into the field with their one if projects, “SPIT” DVD Vol. 1-2 a magazine format DVD featuring several upcoming Thai artistes and showcasing all aspects of hip-hop in Thailand.